Never tried Hashing before? All you need is a T-shirt, Trainers but most importantly a good sense of Humour! For more about what Crapaud's & Hashers do see our About page. We will make you very welcome, please try one of our Runs.


Read our Booklet about Crapaud history. More nonsense in our Jersey Hashing 25th Anniversary Celebrations, October 2011.

Runs every Sunday 10am from select hostelries. See our Hareline for more details

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NEXT RUN: Sunday 28 October: Our 1,526 Run: Devils Hole, St Mary, park in top car park ready for 10.00am start. Hare: Fuzzz.

CONGRATULATIONS: To Lady Trotski, who has got married again. Mind you, we are still to meet her mystery man rumoured to have a Portugese surmame. What a lucky boy he is. Many thanks to Lady Trotski for putting on an extra-special spread after Sunday's Run once removed, with assorted delicacies - even smoked salmon sarnis - very posh to boot, celebrating her betrothment.

CRAPAUD'S 2018 XMAS BLOWOUT: Next Big Bash event is our Xmas Party on 9 December for what promises to be an amazing day with Hares Hooker & Pussy planning their mischief. Fancy Dress theme is Christmas / Pantomine, we will be asembling 11.00am in Sand Street car park. All you need to do right now is pay £15 deposit to secure your seat and start to plan your Fancy Dress!



RUN SUBS: Newcomers (Virgins) free for 4 Runs: Weekly run Subs Members £5.00, Non-Members £6.00, Tadpoles £3.50. Now due beginning of October: Members Annual Subs £50 (reduced for those joining after January each year): Before each Run see Hash Cash.

CALLING ALL PARK-RUNNERS: Jersey is only one of two possible Parkrun Venues starting with "J" (the other being inaccessible Southern Ireland) to progress your "Parkrun Alphabet Challenge", for which you are warmly invited to Run with us on a Sunday morning. Easyjet flies to Jersey from several UK airports, so easy peasy to get here. We will make you very welcome and you will enjoy some beautifull countryside usually well away from any manicured Park!

OTHER STUFF: Your first time as a Hare? Don't worry, use the instruction manual! (Updated Dec. 2011)







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